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  • Vanille Bourbon 100G (16/18CM)

    • 100% BOURBON VANILLE: You receive our fine aromatic vanilla powder from controlled organic cultivation and guaranteed without any additives. Madagascar Bourbon vanilla pods are gently dried and ground to obtain our high quality vanilla powder.
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  • Vanille Bourbon 250G (16/18CM)


    The bootie is tied with raffia and vacuum-packed to keep all its freshness. This high quality black vanilla with a moisture content of over 32% and vanillin over 1.5% contains floral and sweet aromas with powerful notes of cocoa. With a shiny and greasy appearance, its flexibility makes it easy to work.

    – Bourbon vanilla  pod 250 g in a doypack of about 80 pods.
    – Origin:  Madagascar (Vanilla from the Indian Ocean benefits from the Bourbon appellation)
    – Recommended applications: pastry, ice cream, desserts, teas, white meats and fish.

    Product from Organic Farming
    Product certified by the Ecocert MG-BIO-154 standard and distribution certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01


    store between 15 and 20 ° away from light
    Shelf life: 24 months
    Suggested dosage 1 to 6 pods per liter

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  • Vanille Bourbon 25G (16/18CM)


    bourbon vanilla is the queen of spices. Its taste is very intense and its aromas are easily recognizable. It is the most expensive but also the most abundant variety of vanilla. Our bourbon vanilla pods are appreciated for their inimitable taste.

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  • Vanille Bourbon 500G 16/18CM)


    Uses: sponge cake, homemade ice cream, making all kinds of cakes.

    Cut the vanilla bean with a knife, then gently scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean with the edge of the knife. The scraped seeds are soaked in a small amount of water, and then added to the ingredients that need vanilla extract. The puff pastry can be used directly or mixed with cake liquid to make a vanilla cake ~! The first vanilla wine can be used to make wine and then used as a baking seasoning. It can be used to make rum, brandy, etc. Put it directly in the wine and seal it daily It is enough to shake it for about a month. Put the second vanilla sugar in the sugar and shake well every day for a week. Third, you can put it in coffee and tea. He has good taste. In fact, it can replace chemical flavors. It’s healthy and tasteless, and has a bit of chocolate flavor

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  • Vanille Bourbon 50G (16/18CM)


    These pods are rigorously selected to offer you guaranteed superior quality. They are very aromatic and oily. The product being natural, according to the crops, their size varies, hence the indicated amplitude of 16 to 18 cm in length.

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